Villa rules

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  • IDs are required for all guests
  • Guests may smoke outdoors only
  • Pets are not allowed
  • Kitchen usage is allowed subject to a cleaning fee
  • Playing loud music is not allowed post 10 PM
  • Access to certain areas of the house including the master bedroom and the theatre is restricted
  • Do not pluck any fruits/vegetables/flowers in the property. If anything in particular catches your fancy please let the caretaker know and he will accommodate you request
  • The staff is there for your convenience and comfort. No disrespect or foul language towards them will be tolerated
  • Any act of violence/misbehaviour or fights will result in the entire group being asked to leave and the payment forfeited
  • One night deposit is mandatory towards breakages and damages. Amount will be refunded or damage adjusted within 24 hours of departure
  • No non-veg cooking or consumption (except eggs) allowed on the property
  • Guests will be asked to leave immediately and amount forfeited in the event of the same